About Us

I'm Mahmut KESİCİ,

I was born on 31.03.1968 in Bursa. I am the son of a worker family who went to SWITZERLAND in 1970 to work. After graduating from Bursa Commercial High School in 1985, I started working in a textile company as a worker. After working there for 10 months, my family also made a definite return to Turkey. With the 23.000 CHF Francs they gave me, I became a partner of one of the 11 branches of Öz Üçel Tekstil, which I now own. After our boss dissolves all of his branches and takes his shares, in 1993, the company was left to us, with 80% of my share and 20% of my partner. As a small tradesman for 5 years, in an 8 m2 office at Doruk Business Center we did men's fabric manufacturing and wholesaling as semi-manufacturing-contract manufacturing. During this time, we traded with 80% of shirt manufacturers in all provinces of Turkey. In 1998, in Bursa-Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone in 6.000 m2 closed area, we became able to produce 60% of the fabrics by ourselves by establishing a weaving mill with 74 Picanol looms.